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Tom W.

Biology, Chemistry, Math, Physical Science

Tom graduated with a Bachelor’s in Biology from Pacific Lutheran University and spent most of the last decade working on interesting research projects for labs in the Seattle area. While working with large DNA sequencing data sets, he noticed a lack of applicable tools and decided to pursue a Masters Degree in Computer Science, focusing on data analysis, programming, and machine learning, to improve the toolkit available to biotech companies. In addition to his career in biotech, Tom always had a desire to explore teaching; in fact, his fondest memories are of mentoring and helping to train undergraduate students and new employees in the lab. Born on the island of Guam and raised in a military family, Tom was exposed to many different cultures and education systems growing up, experience that has allowed him to understand the varying needs of students. With a strong background in biology, chemistry, math and statistics, Tom hopes to help students not only improve their understanding of these courses, but also spark a lifelong interest in the sciences. In his spare time, Tom loves to travel, cook, and spend time at the gym. As of late, his newest passions have been learning to box and improving his baking skills.