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Khai B.

Biology, Physical Sciences, Physics, Statistics

Khai first discovered a love of dinosaurs as a four-year-old. It was the year that Jurassic Park came out, which was convenient timing. He was probably too young to see it at that age, but it irreversibly changed him. Just like most kids, it was his dream to become a paleontologist. But unlike many other children with whom he played dinosaurs on the playground, he never grew out of it. Still, he didn’t honestly believe that it could be a viable career path until he got to college. He studied biology at the University of Washington in the hope of becoming a doctor or a biomedical researcher until he attended a lecture by a visiting paleontologist. That was a light bulb moment, when he realized that paleontology really was an actual job, and he saw the path unfolding before him that would lead him there. Graduate school in North Carolina afforded him the opportunity to complete a number of lifelong goals, including becoming a published author and participating in field work. However, the most important discovery he made was a deep passion and talent for teaching and educating others. Be it students in the classroom or audiences young and old at museum outreach events, he strives to share his passion for science and love for the study of life. After completing his Ph.D., Khai returned to his home and family in the Pacific Northwest.