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Jack O.

Physics and Math

Hi, My name is Jack and I was raised in Colorado in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. In the shade of those mountains, I received my formal education in physics, engineering, and applied mathematics from the University of Colorado at Boulder. I also learned how to run, dance, knit, climb, and think more critically about our world. I am very thankful for all of the natural beauty of my hometown and for the rivaling beauty to be found here in the Northwest! I am passionate about physics, mathematics, and science in general, but my career focus thus far has been on the teaching of these subjects. I earned my MS in physics with an emphasis in physics education research and have taught university-level courses in both physics and math. Right now, I am working to improve learning experience found in the introductory-college-level physics laboratory.
As an educator, I believe in a growth model of the mind, a constructivist model for learning, and in the social aspects of the learning process. The sky is the limit for understanding, but it will take time and careful study reach that high.
Looking forward to meeting you and working with you. Cheers!