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Ivan S.

English, Math

Math phobias are a real thing even great mathematicians face. Before completing my degree in mathematics at UC Santa Cruz in 2013, I was studying art education and avoiding math because I was too scared to fail. However, with good guidance and mentorship, math became my strongest subject. It wasn’t easy but I learned to be comfortable in the struggle. While pursuing my degree, I interned for CalTeach, a program that gets students experience teaching in local public schools. After getting my degree in math with a focus in education, I worked as a Math Tutor/Instructor for Foothill College, Los Altos, CA. Then I attended Mills College as a Student Teacher working toward my teaching credential in Oakland, CA. As a tutor I strive to build confidence and the basic foundational skills needed to support others who struggle with math just as I did. Hopefully I inspire others to face their fears and slowly learn to love the challenges and beauty of learning math.