Meet our tutors We have meticulously chosen our tutors out of the best tutors in Western Washington to help you achieve high marks or get into the college you want!


All our tutors are highly qualified caring and dedicated to our Mission Statement.

Our tutors are expected to be experts in their field. They are held to a high standard and are patient, professional and informative. We want them to be a positive part of each student's learning support system. Students often find our Tutors as more than just a teacher, but instead a mentor who can foster a productive relationship that pushes the student to grow. They educate the whole student by providing them with academic coaching that goes beyond just straight memorization. They work to develop the student's study habits, test-taking strategies, and organization skills to help them not only master the basics, but achieve in every subject. Some tutors can also work with students who have anxiety surrounding school or test- taking. We provide tutoring in the place that works best for you or your student, whether that be in your home or our office.

Sarah Leonard
President and Founder
College Admissions Counselor, Drop-In Session Instructor, Finals Review Session Instructor
Bridget History, English, Essay Writing
Diego Math, Physics and Physical Science, Reading, Social Studies, Spanish, Writing
Diana Biology, English, Math, Reading, Writing
Elyse Academic Coaching/Executive Function, English, ESL, French, Reading/Writing, Social Studies, Spanish, Test Prep
Hilarie English, History, Reading, Social Studies, Writing
Jack Chemistry, Math, Physics
Jill Pre-Algebra
Khai Biology, Physical Sciences, Physics, Statistics
Liz Math, Physics, Statistics
Mat Math
Rachel Spanish, English, ESL, Math, Social Studies
Stephen English, Math, Test Prep, Writing
Tom Biology, Chemistry, Math, Physical Science